Chitresh Das Dance Company Repertoire

Rachna is a principal dancer with the critically acclaimed Chitresh Das Dance Company (CDDC), founded and directed by leading Kathak master and visionary, Pandit Chitresh Das. It is comprised of some of India’s most dynamic female Kathak dancers performing powerful technique, rhythmic improvisation, and compelling and dramatic storytelling.   Company members have become established artists in their own right, performing internationally to great acclaim.

Das brings together North and South Indian percussion and world-class musicians to create an explosive performance rooted in the ancient energy of India with movement that is both austere and lush. Unlike traditional kathak performances, this work features only pure dance and no narrative story. Here the story is one of movement, rhythm and music. Many sections are without accompaniment, highlighting the dancers’ roles as percussionists through footwork and recitation.
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A high energy dynamic group choreography highlighting lightning speed pirouettes, stunning footwork, and classic beauty and grace of Kathak dance.
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DARBAR – Set in the resplendent 19th century court of Wajad Ali Shah, the last Emperor of Luckhnow, Darbar is a tale replete with romance, decadence, political intrigue and betrayal. Directed by Pandit Chitresh Das, Darbar uncovers the dynamics and vulnerabilities that led to the eventual demise of the Moghul Empire and the rise of British rule in India. Featuring the critically acclaimed Chitresh Das Dance Company and India’s finest classical musicians, Darbar premiered in conjunction with the San Francisco Asian Art Museum’s exhibition, Maharaja: The Splendor of India’s Royal Courts.
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SITA HARAN (The Abduction of Sita)– An original interpretation of an excerpt from the Indian epic, the Ramayana, Sita Haran brings to life a story of greed, lust, distraction and divine intervention.  With an international all-female cast of dancers and an original musical score against the backdrop of stunning multi-media visuals, Pandit Das’ contemporary take on this ancient tale leaves audiences around the world speechless.
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SHABD – The critically acclaimed Shabd showcases one of Pandit Chitresh Das’ most innovating contributions to Kathak dance – Kathak Yoga. Dancers simultaneously sing an underlying rhythmic cycle and juxtapose upon this cycle intricate rhythmic patterns executed with rapid footwork, swift pirouettes and dynamic movement.  Adding a layer of complexity to this is the playing of an instrument – the harmonium, manjira (finger cymbals) or tabla.  Bringing together mind, body and spirit, Shabd creates an irrefutable unison amidst a score of rhythms.
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